Monday, March 07, 2011

There's a choir of angels in my kitchen...

... and it’s coming from my pantry. You see, my pantry was pretty full. I’ve talked about it before, but we had accumulated even more things (like various flours, nuts, dried fruit, pasta, rice, etc.), and things had gotten out of hand, especially on the middle shelf.

Enter OXO containers to the rescue! We already had two that we took with us from Montreal, so we knew the quality of these babies. And we had a coupon to help reduce the price. I measured the shelf, counted the bags and boxes of flour, and made the purchase.

And now look! A place for everything, and everything in its place. This system also keeps me from buying any more gluten-free flours with which to experiment until I empty one of the containers we already have. Not only does everything look awesome and organized, but the flours also stay fresh longer in the airtight containers. I don’t have any more torn bags spilling their contents everywhere, and no more packages are getting lost at the back, under a pile of other stuff. This system works really well for us, and I’m extremely pleased with it.

As for the three jars in which we had flour before (barely visible at the back of the original picture, on the left-hand side), I’ve now used them for confectioners’ sugar, granulated white sugar and brown sugar, so the top shelf looks better too!

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