Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I’ve posted about aprons before, but a few new ones came to my attention recently. Though I still wear my Domistyle a lot, my other favourite is by Rien ne se perd, tout se crée.... This unisex apron is hand-woven in 100% organic cotton, with an adjustable neck strap and a front pocket. Mine is a different color than the one in their picture; it’s more in tones of red, with thin green and yellow stripes. It is very well made and looks fantastic. (On a side note, I also have their dishmop and four dish towels, which are the best I’ve ever used. I strongly recommend them.)

I recently saw two novelty aprons, which caught my eye even though I won’t be buying them. The first has a cooking guide printed on it upside-down, which makes reading it very convenient when you are wearing it. This would make a great gift for someone who is learning to cook, or someone who has trouble memorizing certain things (I can convert teaspoons to tablespoons to cups to sticks of butter without a problem, but I can never remember the temperature of doneness for different meats or how much different ingredients weigh, to convert weight measurements into volumes, for example).

The second one is an apron with built-in oven mitts. That’s a little gimmicky for my taste, because I tend to prefer silicone oven mitts to pot-holder-thin fabric ones, but to each his own. And it’s definitely useful for those who tend to misplace things in the kitchen or who really need to have the oven mitts handy often.

The latest apron addition to our kitchen, though, is the one I gave the Engineer on Valentine’s Day. It was made by Bethany Sew-and -Sew, who makes some really cool superhero-themed aprons. This one is the Mr. Incredible apron, which is perfect for the Engineer, as The Incredibles was one of his favourite movies (also, he walked down the aisle to one of the songs when we got married).