Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Artistic desserts

I wanted to quickly share two links that I liked. They both pertain to what I call “artistic desserts”, not only because they look nice, but because they are actually inspired by art.

First, there’s an article about the artistic desserts served at the Rooftop Garden, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s café (and about Caitlin Williams Freeman, the chef who makes them). I’d love to try one of those if I ever go to San Francisco. I especially like the cake based on Piet Mondrian’s paintings. Of course, the price tag seems a bit steep, but I like the idea. Those who have enough patience could make that one at home.

I also saw cookies that reminded me of Jackson Pollock’s work. And by the way, if you have time to kill, try this website where you can “draw” just like him.

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