Friday, November 11, 2011

Batch of links - Food 2

Here today’s instalment of links, once again food-related. I got really discouraged when I realized that Google Chrome had not only rearranged all my links alphabetically, but also separating all upper-case and lower-case letters, so that when I thought I was making good progress, I suddenly realized I wasn’t even halfway done. But this time, I really am making good progress!

- An entire year of meals, mapped more than 40 ways: If you like infographics, you’re going to LOVE this. That links to the article, but the slideshow is here.

- A great article on the comeback of soda fountains: I wish I could go to a place like that. Again, for those of you who like infographics, here’s a great taxonomy of sodas as a flow chart (also part of a more complete menu).

- New labels could help shoppers avoid unhealthy foods: Another example where rethinking the presentation of nutritional labels with infographics could help make ingredient lists much clearer for the health-conscious consumer. I love the new presentations! I wonder if/when/where they’ll be implemented.

- Last mention of the word “infographic” for today with this playful redesign of a receipt: I’d love to get fun receipts like those for small purchases!

- Do you have any secret recipes?: A nice blog post on The Kitchn where readers answer the question. I don’t know if it’s strictly generational or not, but the Internet sure seems to have facilitated sharing recipes, and I think most people around my age like sharing them. After all, it’s a cookie, not the country’s nuclear codes! I share all my recipes, obviously; I think that food and recipes are meant to be shared (unless you create a recipe from scratch and make your living with it, of course). That being said, even with a given set of instructions, people might end up with different results. I’ve often shared my Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe with friends, but when they make it, the cookies always come out differently than mine do.

- Cookie cutters that don’t leave you with scraps of dough: This clever holiday design was successfully funded, and there are more designs, too! I really love this idea.

- Google Correlate: A Food Data Nerd’s Heaven: I love what The Huffington Post found using this feature.

- Did you know that debris from your garbage disposal can make it into your dishwasher during a cycle? Luckily, we’ve never experienced this, probably because we hardly ever use the dishwasher in the first place. But here’s a simple prevention tip just in case. (FYI, while I could totally live without a dishwasher, the garbage disposal has now become absolutely essential to my well-being.)

- Kinfolk – A Guide for Small Gatherings: Doesn’t this look like a beautiful specialty magazine?

- Watch out for those modern glass dishes: Those made with soda lime glass are more likely to shatter than the old ones (or modern European ones), made with borosilicate.

- And finally, a guide to help you safely freeze food.


malt_soda said...

We have been using our dishwasher more since Ellie was born. I could leave the garburator, but don't take away my dishwasher!

Amélie said...

I can see how making purées and being generally overworked would make the dishwasher more useful. But at this point, I have a set of pots and pans that isn't dishwasher safe (which had never been an issue before I had a dishwasher), and the little odds and ends (cutting board, whisk, measuring spoons, etc.) are really easy to handwash anyway. I tend to clean up the kitchen as I go, so it's not usually a big deal. We've only used the dishwasher when we had guests, plus one time when it was just the two of us. I'm still happy that I have it, though, because it signals that I'm a grown-up. :)