Friday, April 08, 2011

More natural sodas

I tried two new natural sodas lately. The first was Whole Foods’ house brand ginger ale. It tasted like real ginger, with less sugar than brands like Canada Dry. I really liked it when I popped the can open, but it turns out that it loses its fizz quite quickly, and I’m not crazy about flat soda. So I’ll save it for occasions when I know I’ll drink the whole thing quickly (because now, I can easily nurse a can over two days).

The second brand I tried is Izze, which markets itself as sparkling juice. It’s pure fruit juice mixed with sparkling water, and of course, no artificial sweeteners. It does tastes like real fruit, which is great! I tried the pink grapefruit, which was very good, but my favourite so far is the blackberry flavour. That’s one I’ll keep buying!

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