Friday, September 25, 2015

Batch of links

- Did you know there’s an app to help you manage your food allergies? Download Content Checked on your smartphone, then use it to scan a product’s barcode and be notified of any allergens. It contains more than the top eight allergens, for which there should be a warning on the package; you can also tailor it to warn you about other allergens, gluten, lactose or foods you might be temporarily avoiding because of a health condition, for example.

- Have you heard of the Cotton Candy grape? It’s a new variety that the Engineer brought home last month. It’s been created to taste like cotton candy. The Engineer swears that it does (and the Little Prince loves these grapes, more so than other varieties he’s tried), but I don’t taste that at all. To me, they just taste a little sweeter than regular grapes.

- Six ways to tone down a meal that’s too spicy.

- 37 food tweets guaranteed to make you laugh. Some of these are really good!

- René Redzepi plans to close Noma and reopen it as an urban farm. Well, as long as it reopens, I guess…

- Here’s a great profile of Julia Child, written in 1974.

- I linked to this video debunking the paleo diet before, which is why I was so amused to read that it turns out people from the Paleolithic Era ate porridge. I mean, you can choose to avoid grains if you want, just don’t say it’s because they weren’t part of our diet 30,000 years ago, you know?

- Mission Chinese reinvented the tiki cocktail – and it changes colors naturally!

- In the category of food hacks, it turns out that scoring a cheap cut of meat actually does make it more tender!

- Also, here’s why you need a meat thermometer.

- And finally, here’s an article I’m hoping my mother in particular will read: No, you do not need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. There’s simply no science to back this up.

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