Friday, December 13, 2013

Batch of links - Tourism

I realized I had a lot of links pertaining to specific cities, so here’s a tourism interlude!

- A food lover’s guide to Austin, with farmers’ markets, grocery stores, specialty shops, etc.

- The ultimate guide to food trucks in San Antonio – I’ve got to start trying some of those!

- Also, 52 things every San Antonian must do. I’ll refer to this when we start our monthly outings again…

- A series of sponsored posts about Montreal food I stumbled upon on the Bon Appétit website: the many faces of Montreal; Montreal, a city for eating; shopping in the markets; the French roots of Montreal cuisine; and vegetarian cuisine. More to see on Tourisme Montréal. This made me both homesick and hungry.

- Montreal: A Timelapse Discovery. This isn’t actually about food, but it’s fantastic.

- MMMM! Montreal, a food travel article that was published in a local magazine. I was just flipping through the pages, minding my own business, when I saw an image that I recognized immediately as being in Quebec – it is the first one at the link, taken at Montreal’s Jean Talon Market.

- In parallel, Travel Tex has been putting tourism ads in French-language magazines. It turns out that they have information in 8 languages on their tourism website, including French, which is awesome. They’re still using stereotypes and showcasing their shopping in the Coup de Pouce I read, even though women have interests other than shopping, but I appreciate the effort.

- Finally, I got an unsolicited email through this blog that, for once, turned out to be interesting. Sandals and Beaches Resorts now take into consideration guests’ food restrictions and create safe menus. Watch this video to find out more. I’m not saying I would base a vacation on this because of lactose intolerance, but I can totally understand how someone with life-threatening allergies or celiac disease might! In any event, I think this is really good news.

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