Monday, September 12, 2011

Super glue that is actually super

Let me first assure you that this is not a sponsored post; Loctite® doesn’t even have any idea that I exist. I do, however, want to recommend one of their products, their Ultra Gel Control™ Super Glue. You see, I have a pair of Bass sandals (well, two pairs of the same model) that is my absolute favourite, because it has never ever given me a blister – and you know that in my case, that’s saying a lot, as I tend to get blisters very easily. The pair I had been wearing every summer for the past 16 years (!) had come apart a bit last summer; one of the straps had to be glued back into place into the sole. I had gone to a professional cobbler to have this done. This summer, two more straps on the same pair came undone, but when I took it to a cobbler here (which seem to be fewer and further apart than in Montreal), he flat out refused to touch it. He said that the soles were too worn and that it wasn’t worth fixing the straps. I was heartbroken, because the truth is that I’ve never been able to find sandals this comfortable since I bought them (there was a pair of Land’s End sandals that came close, but it’s starting to break after only two summers, and the company isn’t making anything like it anymore). I really didn’t want to have to get rid of them.

Enter this awesome glue by Loctite® which, according to the company, “is precise and tough and resists impact, moisture, and temperature extremes.” A random magazine ad recommended to apply the adhesive between the sole and shoe, then firmly join the surfaces together and weigh the shoe down with a heavy object for 24 hours. So I did, and it worked! The sandals have held up since then, though I admit I haven’t ventured very far from the house with them. I also like that the container makes it really easy to apply the rubber adhesive without making a mess or risking getting some on your fingers. The glue was also less expensive than the one strap repair at the cobbler’s the first time, so it’s already paid for itself – not to mention I can now wear my favourite sandals again.

I also used the Ultra Gel Control™ Super Glue to bond a piece of plastic to a piece of wood. This is on a decorative “cup” that holds my toothpaste and toothbrush. The bottom (plastic) had separated from the rest (wood) pretty soon after I got it, probably only due to poor workmanship. I had used Krazy Glue a few times, but it always came undone. The Loctite®, though, hasn’t come undone yet (I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’ll hold up). While I think the tube of Loctite contains less than the tube of Krazy Glue, I think I’m ready to switch allegiance.

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