Saturday, September 10, 2011


After our trip to the museum, The Engineer and I decided to have lunch at Nosh, which I’d been meaning to try. It’s a bistro that prides itself on serving “small plates, big taste”, and we heartily agree. I had the sliders (when they’re on the menu, it’s hard for me to resist!), with garlic fries, and the Engineer had fish tacos. We both really liked our meals, though next time I might try the sampler plate of sliders (instead of three sliders with beef patties, you get one beef patty, one pork and one crab; since the Engineer always gets one of my sliders, I’d give him the crab and keep the other two). The pork lemongrass meatballs and Korean beef tacos also caught my attention, but that’ll be for another visit. I also tried a virgin backporch lemonade, which had lemon, cranberry juice and ginger syrup, with Sprite instead of the vodka. Best. Thing. Ever. For dessert, we had the Italian donut holes (zeppoli) served with dark and white chocolate truffle sauce; I’m usually a big fan of dark chocolate, but this time, the white sauce totally won me over – I think it was some sort of vanilla custard with white chocolate, and when we ran out of donut holes, I just kept dipping my fork in it to get more.

The cozy place filled up quickly, but it’s bigger than it looks from the outside. There are big chalks at each table, so you can either draw on the white paper topping the table or play tic-tac-toe on the chalkboard walls. Service was friendly and efficient. I’d love to go there again to keep sampling the menu!

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