Friday, March 29, 2013

Batch of links

- Do cookies really taste better when dipped in tea? Yes, and here’s why.

- I enjoyed this article, Will everyone please eat gluten? Please? Because you are literally killing me, kind of. It reminds me of my gluten-free pet peeve.

- An explanation of the Helsinki Bus Station Theory, which illustrates critical insight about perseverance.

- Two scientists (and metal heads) have created a mathematical model for mosh pits, including a simulator you can try online.

- Two real estate links (I don’t know how long they’ll be up, but they are working today). First, an old house in Montreal that is in dire need of some renovations. I’m pretty sure the cost of renovating would be outrageous, but without renovations, there’s no way I’d even consider sleeping in that bedroom! I have to admit, though, that the place has beautiful bones, and in its current state, would be perfect to shoot a cool video clip. Any bands out there reading this? The second house is on a beach in South Africa, and I don’t dare even imagine how much it costs. It’s nice to look at pictures, though!

- The cast of The Big Bang Theory performs a song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. You’re welcome.

- And here’s my feel-good video of the week.

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