Friday, March 22, 2013

Batch of links

- Here’s something else I appreciated from the Bon Appétit roundup I mentioned last week: the end of the interview with Aaron Franklin, chef and owner of Franklin Barbecue. For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s said to be THE place for barbecue in Austin; people start lining up bright and early in the morning, even though it only opens around 11:00 am, and often sells out by noon! Bon Appétit asked how long he would stand in line for barbecue himself. His answer? “I can’t eat barbecue anymore. I’d stand in line for a good salad, though.”

- Some companies are thinking of creating food labels that not only tell you how many calories the food contains, but how long or how far you would have to walk to burn them off. For example, one would have to walk about 3 miles, or 78 minutes, to burn off the calories in a 20-oz. soda. I think that’s brilliant, because sometimes just the number of calories is hard to translate into real-life energy expenses.

- Time recently had (another) article on test tube meat. I’ve been hearing about it for a little while, so here are my thoughts. Would I want to eat this today? No way. That being said, if science continues to improve, we could one day have tasty meat that was obtained without the death (or unethical living conditions) of a cow, without growth hormones or antibiotics, without using up too many resources or creating much pollution at all, and at a cost everyone can afford. And that is something I can get behind.

- Hell is my own book tour: this made me laugh.

- And I just had to share this, since I think it’s a big step: “The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supports civil marriage for same-gender couples – as well as full adoption and foster care rights for all parents, regardless of sexual orientation – as the best way to guarantee benefits and security for their children.”

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