Friday, March 08, 2013

Batch of links

- Have you ever wondered how food packaging is influenced by local culture?

- What does a serving of 200 calories look like? Here are pictures of 200 calories’ worth of various foods to give you some idea.

- A former omnivore comes out as a vegetarian, which is a pretty big deal when you’re a food writer.

- I found this article on misconceptions and misperceptions amusing. Readers share things that are obvious to most people, but that they only found out late in life. Personally, misunderstood lyrics don’t amuse me all that much, but I do find it surprising to hear of adults who just now realize that pickles are actually cucumbers!

- Looking for a good book? Here are 23 science books so exciting they read like fiction.

- I found this definition helpful, as the Engineer and I never seemed to agree on what differentiates a cult from a new religious movement.

- How the sequester will change how we eat. I hadn’t thought of this, but as cutbacks are enacted in organisms like the USDA, there will be fewer inspectors to deal with all the food that is currently on the market, leading to either less oversight or… less food, hence higher prices.

- And as long as we’re taking about money: here’s a video about wealth inequality in the US, which is pretty shocking.

- Here’s a link to last week’s Time article discussing the minutia of medical expenses and explaining how medical treatment got to be so damn expensive for the uninsured and underinsured. It’s a really long article (31 pages in the magazine, I think, which is why it’s taking me a long time to read it), but it’s very enlightening. I can only hope it will help bring about change on a national scale…

- Girlfriend leads man around the world in stunning pictures.

- We found our son in the subway, one family’s story of adoption and gay marriage, made me happy.

- You know what else made me happy? Batman dropping off a suspect at a police station.

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