Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Engineer's Croissants

Continuing his Baking Illustrated quest, the Engineer recently made croissants, then pains au chocolat, almond croissants and Danishes. I was really impressed by the croissants the first week, and I continued to be impressed.

I even helped make the almond croissants, because the Engineer had made that dough twice already, and he’d already made frangipane for a poached pear and almond tart last year. Those were fantastic! Just as good as any bakery’s almond croissants.

We’ve been buying a lot more butter than we normally do in order to make these pastries. Thank God the Engineer's coworkers are there to help us eat them!

Next up, a month of pâte feuilletée beauties, culminating in a millefeuille!


Anonymous said...

Those look awesome!
Come back to Montreal to give them to us!

Amélie said...

Perhaps something could be arranged for VermontFest. ;)

And yes, they WERE awesome!