Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Le Gourmet Burger

I went to Le Gourmet Burger recently (well, it was Easter weekend – I seem to be stuck in a time warp these days!). It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the inside was more impressive. It’s small, but you can tell they take pride in what they do. There are varied ingredients, and the presentation is wonderful (more hip/formal than you would expect).

The premise is that you build your own burger with patty and toppings (but the price is much more reasonable than at other institutions that work the same way, even though they also collect money for a children’s hospital). I had a beef patty topped with a mixture of caramelized figs and walnuts (the menu mentioned onions in French, but not in English) along with goat cheese, a side of sweet potato fries and a lemonade. Guacamole is an option too, and the Engineer had it, but I found it too citrusy for my taste. There are also a variety of mayonnaise flavours to choose from (try the garlic mayonnaise!), along with ketchup of course. You can have regular fries or a salad, too. There are floats and cupcakes for dessert, but we weren’t hungry anymore by that point.

While the fries were absolutely delicious, and the toppings I had were fantastic, I found the meat a bit dry. So it was a good burger, but not in my top three Montreal places (it would be in the top five, though). I would go there again, but I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to do so.


The Engineer said...

... and they serve the fries in these neato conical steel holders! Yes, I would definitely go back there.

Anonymous said...

So what are the top 3 (or 5) burger places in the city?

Amélie said...

I think that the top three burger joints in Montreal are (in no particular order): La Paryse, MBrgr and Meat Market. Rounding up the top five along with Le Gourmet Burger would be either Mr. Steer's or Buns, depending on my mood. :)