Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Engineer's Pies

I figured I would take a moment and post about a few of the pies the Engineer has made so far this year. He’s pretty much just finished the “Pie” section of Baking Illustrated and is starting “Tarts” now (though it’s all still the same chapter).

In January, there was pecan pie. It’s pretty much the only nut pie I like, and this one was memorable.

Then, there was a beautiful lemon meringue pie, which tasted as good as it looked. Seriously, look at that meringue!

On Pi(e) Day, it was coconut cream pie (he omitted the whipped cream for my benefit, and this pie is definitely a keeper!).

Finally, there was the famous tarte tatin: I almost had a heart attack when I saw him put the butter in the pan... But in the end, I took some Lactaid and it was perfect.

Next up: free form apple tart!

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