Sunday, April 25, 2010

Frozen Treat of the Moment

I came across these while grocery-shopping at a different store than the one in our neighbourhood. These are really great! They’re miniature “ice cream” sandwiches, but made with coconut milk instead of dairy. I had the Banana Split Flavour, which was really Neapolitan, but with banana instead of vanilla. The small size is great for portion control, and the texture is just perfect. You do have to like bananas, though, because the smell permeates the whole thing. I think the few bites of strawberry were my favourite. I really hope more stores start carrying this product! It’s a great organic dairy-free alternative to ice cream sandwiches. (Chapman’s make a great lactose-free vanilla ice cream sandwich, too, but again, I’ve only seen them at the OTHER grocery store: the Provigo on Avenue du Parc.)

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