Wednesday, July 01, 2009

First Anniversary

The Engineer and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary. :)

We spent the afternoon at Ofuro Spa, a wonderful thermotherapy spa in Morin Heights. We had received gift certificates from my cousin and his lovely wife as a wedding gift, so we used them to celebrate. We really loved the place, which we found both relaxing and invigorating. We tried wet and dry saunas (the hottest I remember experiencing), followed by a dip in the river, then hot tubs and cold ones, with lots of lounging around and a couple’s massage in between. What a treat!

We then had dinner at Leméac, which I had been dying to try. I had the panko crusted goat cheese with apple and walnut salad as a starter, while the Engineer had lobster and saffron ravioli in a tarragon bisque sauce. Both were delicious. I then had the roasted duck breast with date chutney. I was a little taken aback by the duck, but I think it’s because I’m used to serving it sweet (I often season it with nutmeg as well as salt and pepper, and the last recipe I tried had pears and honey). It was still good, though, and the chutney was wonderful. Hubby had the grilled Cornish hen with black olive polenta fries. Black olives and polenta, together? Those were the magic words for him. For dessert, I knew I absolutely had to try the pain perdu, then I got distracted by the Valrhona chocolate variations... We ended up ordering both and sharing. Both were truly wonderful desserts, and just for that, it would be worth going back. I was also intrigued by the coconut-basil sorbet, and I’ll have to try a variation of it with my anniversary present – an ice-cream maker attachment for our Kitchen Aid stand mixer. You’ll hear about it here when I do!

Over the course of the weekend (why celebrate only one day when you can have two or three?), we had leftover pieces of our wedding cake, which had been kept in our freezer for this occasion. It was a red velvet cake with white buttercream and an almond paste topping – and it still tasted great! :)

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