Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Strawberry Sorbet with Rosewater

I mentioned before that my anniversary gift from the Engineer was an ice cream maker. I’ve started experimenting with sorbets and lactose-free ice cream, with wonderful results. Before I had this wonderful machine, I made sorbets on occasion, but they were more like granités, really. They were good, but they didn’t have the consistency I was looking for. But with an ice cream maker, this problem has been solved! I can also make artisanal lactose-free ice cream, which had never been an option before (most stores that do sell artisanal flavours, which I much prefer to most of what grocery stores offer, never bother making any of it lactose free). Now, though, I can just add lactase drops in the cream, or use lactose-free milk, and I’m all set. I’ll be sharing recipes as I perfect them.

On a side note, I really think that the single best purchase the Engineer and I have made in the past year was the KitchenAid stand mixer, and the ice cream maker attachment was the best gift I could have asked for.

I got the idea for this delicious sorbet from Dessert First. It’s still strawberry season here, and I have plenty of rosewater left over from this recipe, so it seemed a natural fit.

4 cups strawberries, washed and hulled
2/3 cup sugar (less if the strawberries are very ripe)
3 Tbsp rosewater
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1 pinch of salt

In a food processor, purée the strawberries until smooth. Strain through a mesh sieve to remove the seeds and extra pulp.

In a bowl, combine the puréed strawberries with the sugar, then add the rosewater, lemon juice and salt. Refrigerate the mixture until it is cold.

Freeze in an ice cream maker as per manufacturer’s instructions, then store in freezer for about an hour before eating.

In this picture, the sorbet is served alongside Edna Lewis’ Busy-Day Cake. The Engineer referred to this sorbet as “freakin’ delicious”, which is saying a lot, since he usually only tolerates strawberries.

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