Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fruit tidbits

Here’s a nice little side-dish that I made a while back. I figured it wasn’t worthy of a post in and of itself, but it’s certainly good enough to be shared, even if there’s no precise recipe for it. It’s a mango compte (though I don’t really stew the fruit that long). I start by browning some onions, then I add chopped mango (and sometimes tomato), then I cook the mixture just a bit and serve it with fresh cilantro (if you’re not using tomato, you could add fresh mint, too). Here, it is paired with a pork chop and some rice cooked in chicken broth.

I also got a cantaloupe and made two simple dishes with it. I started by making skewers with cantaloupe balls, mini bocconcini balls and prosciutto. Next time, though, I’ll add some fresh basil leaves – maybe even cherry tomatoes. Then, with the second half of the cantaloupe, a made a wonderful salad (though if the pieces are small enough, it’s technically more of a salsa). Just add a red bell pepper, some red onion, lime juice and cilantro. Delicious!

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