Monday, May 23, 2022

Another batch of small knitting projects

I knit a bunch of small projects in the past 6 months. Right before the holidays, I made this Yngrid Cardigan with, I believe, leftover Malabrigo Rios Yarn in Teal Feather. The cardigan pattern is free; it’s worked seamlessly from the bottom up, with a pretty eyelet detail and ribbed edges. I would have preferred a top-down pattern, but I’m still really happy with how it turned out. The buttons were from Etsy

To round out the kit, I made another Simply Fair Isle Hat with scrap yarn (I think it was from the robot sweater). 

Over the holidays, I promised the Fox to make him his own scarf. So as soon as we were back home, I had him choose colors from my stash; he picked blue and red yarn, so I knit him a small striped scarf until I ran out of red. 

Then I went back to my pink-purple-blue yarn from my adventure in dyeing and decided to make the Staghorn Mitts by Madelinetosh. I actually liked the pattern very much, and I think the mitts would have been great with a solid or slightly variegated yarn, but given the way I had dyed my yarn, it effectively became self-striping, which is not what I was going for. Then of course once the stitch count changed a bit, with increases for the thumb gusset that was eventually left on a stitch holder, the color pattern changed, and the overall look did not please me. 

So I frogged the mitt and used doubled-up yarn to make another headband, which is now in my Etsy shop. The color pattern is much more pleasing to me this way! 

My friends the Actor and his Leading Lady had a third child, so I made them a Boy Sweater with Malabrigo Rios Yarn in Reflecting Pool. Despite the name, the sweater pattern is definitely unisex! It comes in sizes ranging from 3mo to 8yo – this looks great on older kids, too! It has a shawl collar with buttons, and a twisted rib detail that I loved making. Plus, it’s knit seamlessly from the top down – what’s not to love? I used buttons from Etsy

Finally, another set of friends had their first baby. (I think there is literally one more couple in my social circle that may or may not have kids, maybe two couples, so it’s probable that the baby knitting is coming to an end soon!) For their little girl, I decided to make the Magnolia Mini sweater with HiKoo Sueno Yarn in Bashful. This yarn is soft a blend of superwash merino and bamboo viscose and it was great to work with! I made a few modifications to the sweater pattern: as you can see from the first photo, following directions was going to give me what looked more like a dress than a sweater! I frogged it up to the armpits and just started the flower design much sooner. I also switched to smaller needles on row 16 of the detailed stitches, roughly halfway down the design, and I liked the look of it a lot more. My sleeves are not as I expected, because on the pattern photos, the sleeves look like they are a bit puffy above the cuff – not only are mine not like that, but the pattern actually calls for another of those flower designs on them. I mean, they look perfectly fine, just not what I expected. At least it’s a cute sweater!

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