Thursday, May 26, 2022

Batch of links

- Here are 10 things a restaurant critic learned the hard way when she opened her own restaurant

- The Your Last Meal podcast recently had an episode with Taylor Hanson, in which he discusses realizing at age 15 (while on tour in Italy) that a tomato can taste really good. I must have been in my twenties when I found out! I love food awakenings. You can listen here

- Great Bon Appétit article on the future of sushi

- The same issue talked about this sustainable kelp burger that I actually want to try! 

- I enjoyed this short TED-Ed video: Myths and misconceptions about evolution. It clears up some concepts that aren’t always well relayed to laypeople. 

- While we’re at it: public schools that teach creationism. I mean, even Pope Francis got with the program, so why is this still a thing?

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