Friday, December 06, 2019

Batch of links - Long reads

- The lonely death of George Bell, about what happens in New York City when a body is unclaimed.

- The doctor will see your iguana now, about veterinarians for exotic pets in New York City.

- The Case of Jane Doe Ponytail, a read about the sex trade, specifically what happens when a Chinese immigrant in Flushing is caught by the police selling her services as a “masseuse”.

- An article about the life and death of Stella Walsh, an intersex Olympic champion. This has ramifications about how we classify athletes’ sex today.

- An essay about mental health care in Geel, Belgium, written by Anne Thériault (who is delightful on Twitter).

- When the Culture Wars Come for the Kids is a great, thoughtful essay. In addition to all the questions it raises, it made me so glad I’m not living in New York! Related: it now costs $ 350,000 per year to live a middle-class lifestyle in a big city.

- The secret lives of Democratic women married to MAGA men. I’ll admit I have trouble understanding how you can marry someone without discussing politics first…

- Growing up disabled in China was a hard read. It was written by a translator whose native dialect, interestingly, does not have a word for “love”.

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