Friday, July 12, 2013

Batch of links - Interviews

- Kitchen tour with Karen Morgan, a gluten-free baker living in Austin. Her virtual store, Blackbird Bakery, is here, and it includes recipes!

- Not really an interview, but a discovery for me: Alex Thomopoulos, the down-to-earth host of a gluten-free cooking show. The current season focuses on comfort food, and those red velvet cupcakes are calling out to me…

- Joshua Weissman used to be overweight and was bullied in school. Then, just a teenager, he began cooking healthy for himself and his family, lost 100 pounds, and created a great food blog, Slim Palate. The cheerleaders at his school even come to him for nutritional advice now. This guy is awesome!

- Two interviews with Deb Perelman, of Smitten Kitchen: one with The Kitchn which includes a kitchen tour, one with The New York Times. I’m a fan of her blog, as you know, but I really like that this self-taught home-cook also has a best-selling cookbook!

- OK, so this is an article, not an interview, but it’s by and about Martha Rose Shulman, a health maven moonlighting as a pastry recipe tester.

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