Friday, July 12, 2013

Batch of links - Cooking Tips

- The secret to taller, flakier scones. I’ve made some pretty damn good scones in my life, but lately, they all seem to come out flat and tough. Maybe I should use that tip…

- How to get a domed muffin top every time – and it’s not about the leavening agents.

- How to cut a mango. My technique is slightly different, because I peel mine first.

- For perfect bacon, add water to the pan. Huh.

- A secret ingredient to prevent pie crusts from shrinking as they bake.

- How to make perfect crêpes - there’s a surprising secret ingredient, but technique is important, too.

- Help! My homemade bread is too dense! I almost always use white whole wheat flour, but it had never occurred to me to add vital wheat gluten to compensate…

- Three ways to freeze cupcake batter, if you don’t want to freeze the baked cupcakes.

- How to guestimate cacao percentage in chocolate, assuming you still have the packaging.

- 28 tips and tutorials about meat, which should have you covered!

- How to make creamy tomato soup without cream; I assume this would work with other kinds of soup, too.

- And finally, from the folks behind the wonderful blog Dinner – A Love Story: 100 rules of dinner. I only disagree with a few items, but most are right on.

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