Friday, June 07, 2013

Batch of links

- Did you know that over the past several thousands of years, the fruits and vegetables we eat have become less and less nutritious? Though I’m happy to see that arugula remains a good choice.

- When he was in the fourth grade, Zachary Maxwell made a documentary about his school cafeteria’s lunches. It’s really interesting to see that even in a school that boasts healthy menus put together by celebrity chefs, what is advertised is often far from what is actually served, with nary a vegetable in sight… No wonder he called the documentary “Yuck”!

- I talked about different ways that toxins can get in our diet last week, which is why 12 ways to avoid hidden BPA, by the David Suzuki Foundation, is so scary. Canada banned it a few years ago, but the FDA hasn’t done it. Sadly, BPA isn’t the only the only worrisome chemical in plastics

- I hadn’t mentioned it at the time, but in April, the Today Show made absolute fools of themselves with this segment on eating gluten-free. Well, they made fools of themselves in front of the people who are actually educated about this, but I assume much of the general population doesn’t know any better and believed what they heard. (Like, “people with ciliac [sic] disease can’t have much gluten” – um, try none whatsoever!; or “it’s like a gluten allergy” – actually, it’s an autoimmune disorder). But then a week ago, they did this, implying that men who avoid gluten aren’t desirable – what, not making oneself sick is a turn-off, now? Would it be too much to ask that big TV shows, with big budgets and large audiences, actually get their facts straight?

- Guess who’s getting some press in Food & Wine these days? None other than my favorite band, Hanson. In honor of the band’s 21 years of existence, they’ve produced their own beer, which is coming out this fall and is called Mmmhops (well, might as well capitalize on past success, no?). Proceeds will go to the Red Cross tornado relief efforts in Oklahoma. There’s also a good interview here. I think it’s funny that for the past several years, they’ve been getting more press for their charity work than their upcoming music!

- I’m not usually a big fan of poetry, but Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman is just that, phenomenal.

- And finally, because it’s summer: here’s an important article about what it looks like when someone is drowning (hint: it’s not the wild flailing you see in movies). Did you know that adults are present in nearly half of all children drowning deaths, sometimes watching at it happens and never realizing the child is in trouble? It’s really important to know what to look for.

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