Friday, June 21, 2013

Batch of links - Pregnancy humor

- 10 ways to piss off a pregnant woman: so true, so true. (And from the mom-to-be’s POV.)

- 9 things you should know before interacting with a pregnant woman. Again: so true, so true.

- Hello stranger on the street, could you please tell me how to take care of my baby?

- Yes, I’m pregnant and I’m eating that.

- I read all the baby sleep books and I’ve totally got this covered. Maybe.

- How to be a perfect parent in 5 easy steps… or probably never. This article contains a nifty chart titled “Proof that you are fucking up your offspring no matter what”.

- Top 10 “Oh, now I get it” moments.

- Your baby is not a toy. Maybe, but that looks like so much fun!

- Reasons my son is crying. Because we’ll need to laugh about it in a few years.

- A dad is making posters out of the bizarre things he’s said to his children (which I’m sure only seem bizarre when taken out of context).

- Another dad writes parenting thoughts on Post-it notes. Here are the top 50 from year one and the top 20 from year two.


malt_soda said...

Bahahahahahaha....oh man that's a good collection of links. If you read all these and laughed, you are definitely ready to have a baby.

Amélie said...

Super! Then I'm ready. :)