Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Engineer's other cakes

Here we are, finally: the rest of the Engineer’s cakes (you can read the first part here). After the baked Alaska, he moved on to trifle, Sacher torte and Black Forest cake.

There was flourless chocolate cake, individual fallen chocolate cakes (looking remarkably risen in the pictures because they were fresh out of the oven), chocolate-hazelnut cake and yule log cake (without little meringue mushrooms, though I may put in a special request next Christmas).

Then he moved on to cheesecakes: New York cheesecake, lemon cheesecake, pumpkin cheesecake and ricotta cheesecake (the latter being understated, but really quite good). I had a bite of each, and an actual piece of the lemon and pumpkin varieties along with Lactaid; the Engineer's coworkers helped with leftovers. These cheesecakes were really good, people! So good, in fact, that the Engineer liked them. He had always disliked cheesecakes, or so he thought, but now it turns out that he’s just really picky about them.

The cake chapter culminated in hot fudge pudding cake (a homely favorite of mine) and sticky toffee pudding cake. Next up, the last chapter of Baking Illustrated: cookies, brownies and bars. The bright side is that all these are easy to make into individual servings and are easy to carry, which means that it should be easy for the Engineer to take some in to work, thereby leaving fewer sugary baked goods to tempt me all day from the kitchen counter. He took a one-week rest and begins the last stretch this weekend.

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