Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another tunic with leftover fabric, and a plant coaster

I still had some green print fabric left over from my dress update, so I used a pattern from One-Yard Wonders to make a tunic top. There was some adjusting needed for a proper fit, but overall, it was really quite easy! Just two rectangles of fabric (one with a rounded short edge, for the front), thread and elastic. Make a slit at the bottom of each side for ease around the hips, and sew what is basically double-fold tape for a belt. Done!

I used the last remnants to make what I’m now calling my “plant coaster”. Basically, I had a clay pot / saucer combo that was scratching up an end table, so I needed something underneath the saucer to protect my furniture. I suppose some people use doilies, but those are just not my style. So I’m sticking with my plant coaster! I just determined what finished size I wanted and accounted for seams. When I realized that I didn’t have enough fabric to cut two squares of that size, I broke it down into eight squares (once again, taking new seams into consideration), and when I still didn’t have enough, I made one square on each side itself composed of four squares! Great way to use up all my remnants and whip up a plant coaster for free.

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