Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cue the angels!

You know the saying, “when you give, you receive”? I guess that’s what happened. Several days ago, Lactose Intolerant (@cheesefreepls) retweeted someone’s simple question: is there such a thing as lactose-free sour cream available in stores? So I quickly replied yes, since Green Valley Organics makes one, and I just love helping fellow lactose-intolerant people find it! Then I followed up that tweet with a link to their website, which I copied-pasted right from their homepage – I guess that was going the extra mile, but I was glad to do it. And as I was on the homepage, what do I see in the bottom right-hand corner? LACTOSE-FREE CREAM CHEESE!!! Green Valley Organics makes lactose-free cream cheese, everybody! And I would not have found out if I hadn’t decided to go the extra mile with that second tweet.

The Engineer stopped by the Whole Foods at the Quarry on his way home from work Tuesday, so guess what I had for breakfast this morning? Oh, yeah. Cream cheese! I’m including the breakfast shot below (please ignore the torn foil, it bothers me more than it does you) so that you can see the consistency: soft enough to drag your knife across the top and get a satisfying amount of cheese on there. It’s not as tangy as I would have hoped, but it’s way tastier than vegan cream cheese! Do you realize this means that I can make real cheesecake again? Oh, the possibilities! I’m posting this in case anyone wants some for the holidays, though I still have some posts to catch up on (like Thanksgiving dinner and what I’ve made since then!). This totally made my day.

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