Friday, November 02, 2012

Batch of links

- The Justice Department will be opening a criminal investigation on the “No on 37” campaign, led by Monsanto and Pepsico, who have misled voters in various ways. This is happening today.

- Brilliant TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson about creativity and the education system.

- Rough week for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, which is virtually putting an end to half of its stand-alone publications and laying off 12% of its staff.

- Did you know that not only can pasta be cooked (well!) in shallow water, but the water doesn’t even have to be boiling? It’s true! I don’t have an Italian grandmother, but if I did, I imagine she’d be rolling in her grave right now.

- An essay about the importance of food writing, by Michael Ruhlman.

- Two articles on similar topics: Why we are so rude online and A special investigation in the dark world of trolling.

- And I obviously don’t need to point out everything that’s happened in New England because of Hurricane Sandy. If you want to donate, please do so through a reputable charity, such as the American Red Cross. Also, please keep in mind that even though the vast majority of the news coverage focused on New York, many other places have been affected as well, such as Haiti (still reeling from the earthquake and Hurricane Isaac, it was further gutted by Sandy; its inhabitants are dealing with lack of food and shelter, on top of crumbling infrastructure and cholera outbreaks).

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