Friday, December 16, 2011

Green Valley Organics

I’ve found a product that made me so happy I could have cried on the spot: lactose-free sour cream! It’s by a really great Californian company called Green Valley Organics, which makes lactose-free dairy products like yogurt and kefir as well as the sour cream. (I prefer their yogurt to the Lactaid yogurt, both in taste and in flavour choices, though I’m thrilled to actually have a choice in brands. Lactaid mostly sells vanilla and strawberry yogurt, but Green Valley Organics has flavours like honey and blueberry, as well as rich plain yogurt.) You see, while there are lactose-free substitutes like tofu sour cream, the tangy taste is never the same as that of a dairy product. This sour cream, though, has it all – except the lactose. It’s even certified kosher and gluten-free. Not only is it delicious, but I also feel good about Green Valley Organics’ ethics. The cows are raised in a way that is Certified Humane®, are grass-fed and, as the company name suggests, their milk is organic. The processing plants are even solar-powered – how’s that for awesome! I really want to support this company by continuing to buy its products; unfortunately, I’ve only seen the sour cream at Whole Foods, but the yogurt is available at my local HEB. I’ll email the HEB to ask that they carry the sour cream as well, and I hope you do the same with your local stores to taste the Green Valley Organics lactose-free sour cream.

(Note that I am in no way affiliated with this company, simply thrilled both by its product and its practises.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for such a warm and heart-felt post about our products! We work very hard here to uphold our values of certified humane, organic, natural ingredients, while trying to be good caretakers of the earth. We think it really shows in our real dairy lactose-free products and are thrilled when we hear back that we are appeciated!

Amélie said...

Thank you for your comment! Just keep up the good work. :)