Friday, July 22, 2011

Viva Vegan

I was in the Plateau recently and stumbled upon Viva Vegan, a small vegan store on Saint-Laurent. And I fell in love. They sell brands of food that I’ve discovered in the States and that I hadn’t seen in Montreal yet: Tofurky pizza, various Tofutti, Coconut Bliss and So Delicious frozen products and flavours, Gardein imitation chicken, Daiya cheese, Veganaise, Earth Balance margarine... Plus, they have tons of chocolate, granola bars and dried goods. The store also specializes in raw food and gluten-free items, as well as vegan clothes and accessories (like belts and bags), books and beauty products!

There are also some fresh pastries. I tried a vegan cupcake; there was only one flavour, and it was chocolate with some almonds and coffee. The frosting was absolutely delicious! I wouldn’t have known it was vegan if I hadn’t been told. The cake itself had a little bit of chocolate ganache in the middle, and it was finger-lickin’ good!

I definitely recommend this store not only to vegans, people keeping kosher and the lactose-intolerant, but also to anyone looking to try “kinder” products and different alternatives, both in their diet and in their lifestyle in general. It totally made my day!

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