Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smackin' Good whipped topping

A few months ago, I discovered Rice Whip, which I really liked. But when I was shopping in the kosher section of the IGA at Cavendish Mall, I found something I like even better: Smackin’ Good whipped topping. It’s vegan, sweetened with corn syrup (though not the high fructose kind) and made with palm oil (or so says the can I have in my fridge, though the website says coconut oil). The downside is that it’s hydrogenated oil. The upsides are that the taste is closer to that of real cream than the Rice Whip, that you can dispense the topping straight out of the fridge (no need to wait 15 minutes to let it warm up), and that there seems to be more in the can than there was Rice Whip. So I really like this product, and I’m happy that it’s available in Montreal!


Anonymous said...

Does it have coconut oil? I am allergic to dairy and coconut

Amélie said...

I'm not sure they make it anymore... You might be able to find soy whipped cream canisters that are safe for you to eat.