Friday, July 22, 2011

Fuchsia - Épicerie Fleur

I went to see my hairdresser on Laurier Ouest for a much-needed haircut. When I have a late-morning appointment, I now make it a point to go eat at one of the restaurants in the area, since so many of them are on my list of places to try. This time, I walked to Fuchsia – Épicerie Fleur and was delighted.

Fuchsia is a little grocery store-slash-coffee shop-slash-catering business that serves healthy, whole vegetarian food. There’s a daily special, but every day, there are vegan options. It’s mostly salads, though their baked goods are also noteworthy. They make it a point to say that they can accommodate people who eat gluten-free or who have other food restrictions (like nut or dairy allergies). I had a salade de légumineuse that was very good, topped with a mesclun of lettuce and the signature edible flowers. I also tried the violet lemonade: while it was good, I found it slightly under-sweetened, and I couldn’t taste the violet. Next time, I’ll try the rose soda! I also got a brownie to go; it was quite good, though I would have preferred it without the nuts.

The somewhat retro décor reminds me of Cocoa Locale or Santropol; it’s extremely homey and looks like the kind of place I would have if I ever opened a food business. There is a lot of natural wood, with two small tables, a counter and a big old-fashioned couch. The accent colors are in the green and blue palette. Service is relaxed and efficient. Don’t be surprised to see a small dog roaming around.

They also sell flowered sugars, a few types of granola (some of which are nut-free), tea, candles, essential oils, cookie mixes, hot chocolate mix, dried flowers... Whenever possible, ingredients are local and organic. The store also encourages eco-responsibility by giving discounts if you get take-out in your own reusable containers.

I really like Fuchsia and I’m glad I took the time to eat there!

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