Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maison Kam Fung

This restaurant review has been languishing on my hard drive for longer than I care to admit. I wanted to go to this restaurant a second time and try more dishes, because I had liked it so much. But somehow, I never found the time (or the right group of people, since dim sum pretty much requires a group). But I’ve decided that this is doing no one any favours, especially since the place I used to talk about (Lotté Furama) had closed after the quality became questionable. So, even though this is dated, here’s my review.

Maison Kam Fung, “hidden” on the top floor of a mall in Chinatown, is known for its dim sum lunch – which is the best I’ve had in Montreal. You have to wait a while to get seats, but the restaurant is quite big, so the turnover is good and a table usually frees up within 20 minutes.

Before our group was all seated, we already had our first dish served on the table by the eager waitress: peanut dumplings, which had some pork, shrimps and coriander. We had to intercept someone later to get glasses of water, but after that, refills came easily. The carts rolling past the tables are each more appetizing than the next. We had a vegetarian noodle dish, some shrimp rice noodles, delicious steamed pork buns (I had been fantasizing about those for a long time), fried dumplings, vegetables, eggrolls, steamed rice in a lotus leaf, fried shrimp, fried squid... It’s like every cart has something new, but you eventually get too full to keep trying new dishes. And for dessert, there were delicious red bean dumplings, coconut-stuffed bread and egg custard-filled flaky tarts.

We had an absolutely excellent meal, ate until we were stuffed, and it only cost about $15 per person, including taxes and tip. I’m looking forward to going back to Maison Kam Fung next time I have the chance.

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