Sunday, May 02, 2010


I recently had the opportunity to celebrate a special occasion at Moishes with the Engineer and his father. It was actually my first time there! While I very much enjoyed my dinner, I must admit that the sides were more interesting to me than the meat.

Once you order, waiters place bread and butter, pickles and coleslaw on your table. The bread was fresh and the butter tasted great (the Engineer didn’t notice anything, though, so it may just be that I’ve been avoiding it for too long!). I’ve never been a fan of pickles, but both the Engineer and his father were raving about them. But the coleslaw, oh my goodness! It was delicious! I usually don’t care much for coleslaw (and in most places, it just sits on my plate, untouched after the first few bites). But THIS coleslaw is really something; I went back for more twice. Luckily, it is also sold in supermarkets, so I can buy it without paying for a whole dinner at Moishes (which is not cheap). I’ll look around for a recipe, too.

As a main course, I had the filet mignon, and while the inside was done as per my specifications, the outside was too charred for my taste. It was good, of course, but certainly not the best steak I’ve ever had. The French fried onions, though... Totally worth it! And do try the famous Monte Carlo potato: even though it’s not lactose-free, it’s a worthwhile splurge with some Lactaid.

There’s also a dessert menu that looks quite good, but by the time we finished our main courses, we were stuffed and couldn’t have handled anything else.

I’m really glad I was finally able to go to this Montreal institution! Next time, though, I’ll probably try something other than the meat. Maybe something light, so I can have room for dessert!


Amélie said...

OK, I've tasted the packaged cole slaw sold by Moishes. While it's still marginally better than regular cole slaw, it's not nearly as good as the one served in the restaurant.
And for the love of God, stay away from the packaged potato salad.

Peter K said...

This was not the best steakhouse I have found in Montreal, is my favorite. First, start with their steak. My partner and I shared an 18 ounce bone-in New York Strip, Hereford, not Angus, dry aged 50 days. Our steak was prepared perfectly. This is perhaps the most perfect matching of a steak to an order I have ever experienced.

Restaurant Sreakhouse said...

There's a lot of Montreal institution that you'll must to try... next time, if you want to try something other than the meat, there's a great cesar salad that will make your pleasure at Rib'n Reef restaurant and if you like rare wine, that's the place.

Amélie said...

To tell you the truth, I'm not really looking for the best steakhouse in town. I like a good steak once in a while, but rarely get a craving for it. My husband rarely likes it. Your plugs have been duly noted, though, I'll keep that in mind if there's a next time. Along with Gibby's and La Queue de Cheval. :)