Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bigger and better

I had dropped numerous hints that I wanted a camera that took better close-up pictures of food. I did online research and asked other blog-owners (whose pictures I liked) what camera they were using. The vast majority of them, who are not professional photographers, use a Canon Rebel and a macro lens. And my birthday was coming up, so... The Engineer, being the best husband in the world, got me a Canon Rebel XS for my birthday!

I’ll let you see for yourselves the difference. This first picture is taken with my trusty Sony Cyber-Shot. It’s a great, compact camera ideal for taking on vacation and taking pictures of scenery or people.

This one is a picture of the same object, in the same conditions, but taken with the Canon Rebel XS and a macro lens. As you can see, it’s just better suited to a food blog.

So from now on, pictures on this blog with be bigger and better. They might be a little off-the-wall for the next few months, as I’m still playing with this camera and enjoying what it can do.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I didn't realize that I had missed it!