Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Chocolates of the moment

I still like the Godiva dark chocolate with sea salt I used to buy, but I was curious to try something new, especially given that I’m trying to cut carbs. I kept seeing ads for Hu chocolate, which is fair trade and has no refined sugars – it is sweetened with coconut sugar instead of cane sugar, the former having a lower glycemic index. I decided to try some, and I’m glad I did! My favorite is their salty dark chocolate (70%), but I also like other flavors (the hazelnut butter, cashew butter + raspberry, and cashew butter + vanilla bean come to mind). I’ve also used Hu Gems instead of chocolate chips when baking. I’ve seen these in person at Target, but for a more reliable source, I have been known to order a box of them straight from the website with free shipping. 

Hu chocolate tastes noticeably less sweet than the Godiva (and definitely has fewer carbs), BUT it is still delicious and very satisfying to me, so it’s now my go-to! 

If you are looking for something possibly more widely available, I strongly recommend Divine chocolate. This is the 70% dark chocolate (which, liked Hu, has 13 g of carbs per serving), and I enjoy the 60% dark chocolate with pink Himalayan sea salt as well. 

I had talked about Alter Eco here, and yes, I still buy it on occasion 5 years later. The sea salt is my favorite! It has 14 g of carbs per serving. 

Finally, there’s Theo 70% dark chocolate with sea salt that is also along the same lines. Intense, no bitterness, and 14 g of carbs per serving.

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