Saturday, July 31, 2021

Batch of links

- I loved this article in Parents magazine about how to get your kids excited about space. It contains lots of fun, doable activities, including viewing the Perseid meteor shower, which will peak August 12th. 

- If the kids are really bored during the day, here are some paper airplane folding instructions

- I loved this essay about the Boomer generation, diet culture, and fat phobia. I particularly liked this line: “The thing about diet culture is that whenever we replace one diet with another, there are a lot of people who never quite let go of the previous food fear.” 

- Here’s an article by Dr. Jen Guter about menopause. I *really* enjoyed her latest book, The Menopause Manifesto, and strongly recommend it! (While I’m at it, here’s her TED Talk, Why can’t we talk about periods?

- And a Modern Love essay worth your time: Let’s Meet Again In Five Years.

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