Saturday, July 17, 2021

Taco Bowl


I got this recipe in a batch of free downloads from The Hormone Dietitian. It was originally a breakfast bowl, but I’m not yet into vegetables for breakfast; for me, this was a delicious lunch, though! What drew me to this recipe originally was that I wanted something low in carbs and high in protein, but you don’t need to be on a special diet to eat this. (If you want something that’s also TexMex-inspired for a family meal, you could always make these chicken and bell pepper fajitas and… omit the tortillas? Or at least serve components separately and let people who want tortillas have some, while you load up on vegetables?) 

1 ½ tsp. olive oil 
1 lb. extra-lean ground turkey 
1 pinch chili powder (or to taste) 
1 tsp. oregano 
1 tsp. cumin 
1 tsp. fine sea salt 
1 tsp. black pepper (I used less) 
½ cup water 
4 eggs (fried or done to your liking) 
4 cups baby spinach, chopped 
1 bell pepper, diced (I used an Aloha bell pepper
1 tomato, diced 
1 avocado, mashed or sliced or diced 

Heat a skillet over medium heat. Add the olive oil. Add the ground turkey and sauté to cook through, breaking up the meat as you go along. Once it is cooked through, add the chili powder, oregano, cumin, salt, and pepper. Add the water and sauté for another minute as you mix well. Reduce heat to the lowest setting and let simmer until all water has been absorbed. 

Meanwhile, fry the eggs and prep the vegetables. 

Divide the spinach between bowls. Top with dived bell pepper, tomato, avocado, turkey, and egg. Enjoy!

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