Monday, November 02, 2020

Snacks for school days

With the Little Prince back in school, I’m once again in search of inspiration for school lunches and snacks (although, to be honest, the kids need lunches and snacks even when they’re not in school!). So let me start by recommending This Saves Lives, the company that gives a packet of food to a child in need for every box of snacks they sell. I placed an order on their website for their Krispy Treats and some Kids Bars. We tried 3 flavors of each: for the Krispy Treats, we got Mammoth Marshmallow Krisp (plain marshmallow treat, basically), Unicorn Sprinkle Surprise (our favorite), and Dragon’s Dream Cookies N’ Cream (close second!); for the Kids Bars, it was S’Mores Blast, Chocolate Chip “Dino”mite, and Rockin’ Straw-Beary. 

Pros: these products are allergen-free and safe for school, and just like Made Good, they contain one serving of fruits and vegetables! The Krispy Treats were delicious, the Kids Bars were really good, and my kids loved all of them. Cons: they are pretty small, quite sweet, and not very filling. Also, the bottom of the bars is coated with chocolate, which can definitely be a pro but will make a mess on your kids’ hands. Overall, however, I like them so much that I placed a second order. HEB started carrying them, so I’ll have to see what I can get in person next time, but you get free delivery from the website with an order over $40. 

I bought Stealth Health – Lunches Kids Love last year because it was well-rated, but ended up resenting it because it looks like a vehicle the author uses to sell her Origami Wraps, which are essentially a sheet of fruit/vegetable leather used instead of nori or a tortilla. I caved and bought the carrot ginger flavor and, I mean, it’s not bad, the Little Prince actually liked it, but it seems like a big expense for lunches. Unless being low-carb and veg-full is that important to you. 

I also tried all 3 flavors of the new Dino Bars. They’re made with all healthful ingredients and wrapped in potato-starch-based edible paper so that kids’ hands don’t get sticky. Sounds great, but… we all pretty much hated them. I offloaded the leftovers (intact wrapped bars, of course) in the bowl we set out in our driveway for Halloween, along with candy, and they were taken off my hands.

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