Friday, July 06, 2018

Stash-busting knitting projects

I got around to making a few projects with yarn from my stash, and the most satisfying part is that I finally got around to knitting stuff for myself!

The first was a cardigan called First Snow, which I made for a little boy born in February in our extended family. I bought some Cascade 220 Superwash Merino yarn in Tuffet and used two kinds of green yarn from my stash for the design, along with buttons from my stash as well.

Obviously this left me with some Tuffet in my stash, but I used a good chunk of that to make the hair for the Fox’s doll (I made one for the Little Prince and one for his cousin, so of course he was going to get his own!).

I then used up all of my remaining Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light yarn in Posy to knit a little cardigan for my niece’s doll (again, with a button from my stash). I really like how it turned out! I could make entire doll wardrobes with leftover fabric and yarn, given enough time. I got the Fox’s doll to model the pink cardigan, since he is very secure in his boy-doll-hood despite not being anatomically correct, but I also managed to snap a pic of my niece’s doll wearing it.

Finally, I made two double rib toddler hats: one with some dark grey yarn and, when I realized it was a bit too big for the Fox, a smaller one with smaller quantities of light blue and light grey. I think I finally got the hang of jogless stripes with that one! It’s unblocked on the photo, but still. I love the earflaps, too, even though the kid keeps pulling it off. I meant to use it for our trip to Alaska, but the weather was so nice that we didn’t even need it. At least one of them should still fit next winter, though.

Then I had the first break from kidswear in my queue in I don’t know how long! The first think I made for myself was the Drifted Pearls scarf. Okay, so this wasn’t exactly helping whittle down the stash, but I had been meaning to make this scarf forever and I simply did not have yarn in the right gauge! Since there was a 50%-off sale on Lotus Cashmere yarn, I bought some in teal – how could I pass up a half-off cashmere scarf? That being said, I think the project would have been nicer with slightly thicker yarn, so if I make it again I’ll use something like the recommended Rowan Lima, with which I’ve worked before.

Then I made myself a slouchy beanie with leftover Airport Hot Sauce Pixie yarn. The skein I had left was more orange than red, at least compared to the one I had used before and finished up to do the band of the beanie, so that was a bit of a bummer because I really liked the red tones more. I also think that it turned out a bit too big. On the bright side, it won’t crush my curls, but I might frog it and start over, or make one with another yarn. I’m actually wondering whether this type of hat only looks good when styled for a photo, and perhaps inevitably looks odd in real life. Thoughts?

I was going to follow this up with a vest for myself (with yarn that has been earmarked for this project for… over 5 years?), but I’ve hit a bit of a snag, so I’m knitting a sweater for the Fox until I can get that figured out – more on that in a later post.

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