Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Batch of links - Thanksgiving

- The history of Thanksgiving foods – turns out pumpkin pies weren’t common before the 19th century. And, unsurprisingly, the now typical sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows were created by a marshmallow company!

- Favorite Thanksgiving recipes from across the United States and, while we’re at it, across Canada. Granted, Canadian Thanksgiving is in October (closer to actual harvests) and isn’t celebrated with as much enthusiasm as American Thanksgiving, but we’ve got some pretty good dishes up our sleeve!

- I really enjoyed this piece about how Molly Yeh, of Chinese-Jewish descent, marries into a Norwegian-American family and learns how to make lefse, their traditional holiday dish.

- How to make turkey gravy ahead of Thanksgiving. This still requires turkey pieces, but if you’re not planning on roasting a whole turkey that day, or if you know you’ll have too many dishes going at once, this can be a good solution. Just reheat and serve!

- Also, if you are only hosting a few people, here are a few ideas on how to serve turkey without cooking a whole bird.

- If you are a fan of Stranger Things, you might enjoy this themed Thanksgiving menu.

- And for fans of Friends, an edible version of Rachel’s Thanksgiving trifle (the one with ladyfingers, jam, custard, and… meat and peas).

- Thanksgiving Special: traditional Thanksgiving fare is plated in the style of various famous artists.

- Finally, a holidays manners quiz written for children, but grown-ups can use a refresher, too!

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