Friday, November 13, 2015

Batch of links

- There’s a series of Japanese videos called “3-Second Cooking”, and they are highly entertaining – picture food being launched from a canon and through various coatings, then fire. Check out fried shrimp and fried dumpling, it’ll make your day.

- Have you ever wondered what’s kosher about kosher salt?

- What it’s really like to cook on a food stamp budget – I liked how this article explores problems that sometimes don’t come up in other analyses (like the challenge of building a pantry on a food stamp budget). I’m adding a link to Good and Cheap, a cookbook written by Leanne Brown and filled with recipes that are both nutritious and inexpensive (before you ask: yes, you can actually get the book for free).

- A visual guide to juicing: how many fruits or vegetables one needs to yield a cup of juice.

- More and more food coloring is coming from plants, as I read in this article. I’m pleasantly surprised at how bright the natural hues are now!

- Have you heard about Herb Savor Pods? They’re devices that can help keep herbs in your fridge fresh for up to three weeks, including herbs such as cilantro or parsley. What I like about this is that it seems much less likely to tip over than a glass of water (which had been my preferred method for a brief period of time), and the footprint is relatively small. That being said, I’ll stick to chopping and freezing my herbs for now.

- Four methods for composting in your apartment kitchen.

- Awesome-looking kitchenware set, for the minimalist in your life.

- Bon Appétit fed kids artisanal chocolate – they were not impressed. I remember having a preference for milk chocolate as a child, and I’m not sure exactly when I joined the dark side (though I’ve since learned that taste has more to do with the quality of cacao beans than their percentage in the composition of the bar). Part of me is wondering whether it’s possible to raise a child on only the good stuff in such a way that he/she would dislike “chocolate candy”…

- How to season a cast iron pan with flaxseed oil. That looks so beautiful that I might just take the plunge someday.

- A visual guide to the seven main types of canned tomatoes.

- Some scientists are braving snake-infested and croc-filled swamps in northern Australia in search of rice – more precisely, wild rice that has not been contaminated by any strands developed by humans and whose genotype could help save rice as a whole.

- Fun, colorful tableware designed for Alzheimer’s patients helps them eat more.

- Did you know there’s a Tinder-equivalent for food? It’s called (what else?) Tender.

- Finally, have you ever wondered about the reasons behind the popularity of iconic 1970s dishes? Like tuna casserole, aspic, or Jell-O salad? The article at the previous link explains it pretty well. And for a laugh: Here’s what actually happens when you eat horrifying vintage recipes.

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