Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spiced Pork Chops with Peach Salsa

Another recipe adapted from Redbook! (Last one, I promise.) The original called for either 2 tsp canned chipotle chili peppers, minced, or 2 tsp smoky barbecue sauce. I didn’t want it too spicy, and I wasn’t going to buy a whole jar of barbecue sauce to use only 2 tsp! So I improvised and used ½ tsp of Korean pepper and I liked the result. You can of course adapt it to suit your taste and the contents of your pantry. I used small pork chops with the bone removed, so as not to overdo it on the meat, but use whatever size you want.

2 tsp smoky barbecue sauce, ½ tsp Korean pepper or whatever you want
2 Tbsp light brown sugar
1 tsp + 1 Tbsp lime juice
¾ tsp salt, divided
4 6-oz pork chops (or to taste)
2 cups chopped peaches
3 scallions, minced
1 jalapeño, seeded and minced (optional, according to me)
1 Tbsp chopped cilantro

Heat grill to high. Combine Korean pepper, sugar and 1 tsp of the lime juice in a small bowl; set aside.

Sprinkle chops with ½ tsp of the salt and grill, turning once, until well browned but still slightly pink in the center, 8 minutes, basting with sugar mixture during last minute of cooking.

Combine remaining lime juice and salt with the peaches, scallions, jalapeño and cilantro in a bowl; serve peach salsa with grilled chops.

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