Monday, January 30, 2012

Roaring Fork

The Engineer and I found a new restaurant we really like. Well, actually, the restaurant itself isn’t new, but the fact that we tried it is. So… we newly found a restaurant we really like. It’s the Roaring Fork which features “wood-fire cooking and American cuisine”. The atmosphere was really nice, with the smell of wood fire coming from the open kitchen and soft lighting in the eating area. Service was courteous, friendly and efficient. The menu is short (though the wine list seemed researched), and our food was absolutely delicious.

We started with the kettle of green chili pork, served with warm tortillas; the heat level was just about the upper limit of what I can eat without too much pain, and the Engineer declared it perfect. I then had the Kobe burger with mushrooms, bacon, pesto aioli and crispy fried onions (hold the pepper jack cheese), with a side of fries. I really loved it! The Engineer had the herb crusted chicken sandwich, with tomato, guacamole and slaw, the latter of which was slightly sweet, perhaps from honey. I tried it and almost wished I had ordered that instead. He had a side of green chili mac & cheese instead of the fries, at no extra cost. The specialty main dishes of the restaurant also looked really good, and they offer steaks à la carte (off the menu, but waiters know). We were too full for dessert, but I did appreciate the choices, like an ancho chocolate cake with cinnamon cream, pecan pie or crème brûlée (they don’t seem lactose-free, but the first is original and very appealing to me). There are specials for happy hour, and a rewards program, too!

I particularly liked the place because I feel like it offers a good option for a restaurant that is accessible (from our house, which would obviously not suit someone living much further south), fancy enough to be special but not expensive enough to be reserved for once in a blue moon. We look forward to going back!

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