Thursday, June 17, 2010

A little help

You may remember hearing me say that I’ve gained weight this past year or so. Recently, Gluten-Free Girl wrote a wonderful post titled “Carry That Weight”, which you should really read. She explains how she’s gained weight over the past year (though I think that anyone in her shoes would have!) and comes to terms with it. She also explains what she’s doing to lose some of that weight.

As for me, I’m more mindful of the portions I serve, and I now give myself the right not to finish my plate. (I’m one of those people who were raised to finish everything on the plate, so this was weird at first. I know other people struggle with this as well.) I dreamily considered a stint in the mountains somewhere after reading that altitude causes weight loss without exercise (it would only be permanent if I moved there, though, and I’m moving to Texas instead). I need to start exercising again. Of course, I absolutely hate gyms, so that’s not going to work for me.

Instead, the Engineer and I got a little help and added to our family this spring. Though these little paws don’t take long walks yet, they do make me go up and down two flights of stairs every few hours!

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