Sunday, June 13, 2010

Foodie links

I have TONS of sites bookmarked, so I figured I would share them with you. That way, if I forget about one of them, you can remind me! Hopefully you’ll find something in there to like as well.

- Top 15 social media resources for foodies: websites to buy food, learn how to cook it and where to eat it.

- 100 best websites for chocolate fanatics: with educational content as well as blogs, recipes and stores.

- A CNN article about cravings for hard-to-find ingredients and the websites where they can be bought, also taking into consideration eating locally and carbon footprints.

- Secret Stash Sea Salts, which was recommended once by Gluten-Free Girl, has the greatest salt flavours you could think of. I since found vanilla salt someplace else, and made my own lavender salt. I hope these inspire you!

- The 2010 Saveur 100 list: a list of 100 foods, recipes, restaurants, articles, websites, etc., that every foodie should read. I’m working my way through it.

- An online guide to allergy-friendly restaurants (only the US so far, but it’s a start!).

- How to cut a bagel into two linked halves.

- Butch Bakery in New York, for those of you who want manly cupcakes.

- Jim makes the coolest pancakes for his daughter, Allie.

- Here are the names of all the pasta shapes.

- The Star Trek Cookbook. If it weren’t for the valid concerns raised in the reviews (namely the lack of oversight by the editors and the fact that this book was cobbled together to make money rather than assembled by fans of the franchise who actually had good recipes), I would have bought it.

- A cake server that lets you cut a piece of cake, then gracefully pick it up and deposit it upright on a plate. I’d love to read reviews on this item to see if it works as well as advertised (if so, I need one!).

- Pour les Québécois : IGA s’est associé à l’Union des producteurs agricoles. Vous pouvez donc commander des produits du terroir de partout au Québec et les faire livrer au IGA le plus près de chez vous. Pratique, non?

- Finally, I don’t know how many of you actually have bamboo steamers are home, but if you do, Martha Stewart suggests two alternate uses for them: use them as pie carriers (brilliant!) or use them to store garlic and shallots.

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