Friday, October 14, 2022

Cashmere Ombré Wrap


I don’t often buy kits, but when I saw this one, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. It’s Purl Soho’s Cashmere Ombré Wrap Kit, which contains the pattern as well as 8 skeins of 100% Mongolian cashmere. You can make the wrap in either seed stitch (like I did) or mistake rib. It comes in a dozen or so different colorways – I picked Glacier, but I think I could have gone for Fog, Geranium, Ink or Robin’s Egg almost as readily! 

I do feel like I have to discuss the price here: I’ve never bought yarn that was this expensive, but then again I benefited from a crazy Black Friday sale where I got something like 50% off, plus a discount for signing up for the newsletter, and it was my 40th birthday gift from me to me, so I have zero regrets. (The reason it took me until the summer I was 41 to knit it is just, you know, life, and the ever-growing project queue.) The whole thing came in a gorgeous, sturdy box, the kind that you feel obligated to keep because it’s just such a *good box*. 

This shawl is pretty easy to knit, of course, so it’s perfect to do in front of the television, and it’s great to take with you on a trip (assuming you have room) because you won’t need to refer to the pattern after the first few rows. It took me about one week per color, so two months in all, and I really enjoyed making it. Now the issue is just finding (or creating) an occasion good enough to wear it! 

Another thing I really love about this pattern is that you basically just knit until you’re out of yarn, so there are no leftovers to clutter up your stash. What few yards I had left, I made into a tiny I-cord scarf for the Fox’s new stuffed caterpillar toy, so that’s the end of that.

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