Monday, October 10, 2022

Batch of Bon Appétit links


Here’s Part 2 of the Bon Appétit links (Part 1 is here). 

- Why is Cream Soda Called “Cream” Anyway? This doesn’t give a definitive answer, but it’s informative! 

- Why I’ve Never Learned How to Cook, by Taffy Brodesser-Akner. Even though I clearly do cook, I enjoyed this article! 

- What You Need to Know About the Tipping Debate. Did you know that waiters in Texas make an abysmal $2.13 an hour before tips? 

- Here’s a day in the life of Nana Wilmot, a line cook at Le Coucou in NYC. (There’s also a video if you prefer, though it’s not as complete.) It raises the question of whether it’s possible for a woman to be a chef and have a family, or whether anyone can really afford to be a line cook in a big city. 

- Related: I Was Searching for a Cook Who Looked Like Me – Then I Found Edna Lewis, by Mashama Bailey, who opened The Grey in Savannah. 

- Buc-ee’s Is the Best Rest Stop in America. I’m biased because I live in Texas, and surprisingly enough there’s very rarely a Buc-ee’s on our road trips, but when we do stop there… it is pretty amazing! 

- An article about Frankie & Jo’s vegan ice creams. One of these days, I will plunk down the money and have a sample of everything shipped here. Unless I travel to Seattle first! 

- Speaking of which, Stop Telling Me to Travel Like a Local! I can’t get behind this article enough – really, I *want* to travel like a tourist! “That urgent tourist energy to see and do all sorts of things is far superior to the apathy of knowing something will always be there. Maybe it’s best not just to travel like a tourist, but to live like one too.” 

- What to Eat in Montreal in the Depths of Winter. Not sure if I’d be a local or a tourist, or something in between, but I’d be happy at all those places, that’s for sure!

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